Reflux Solo

2-way high end loudspeakers

  Characteristic of Reflux Solo Loudspeakers is their ability to reproduce all kinds of music with an exceptionally neutral yet credibly natural sound. And the combination of this overwhelmingly transparent reproduction capability, conjuring vast, almost 3-dimentional sound perspectives, coupled with superb levels of detail, results in emotionally engaging the listener in a genuine musical experience. 

Reflux Solo plays with a convincingly successful combination of dynamic range and subtlety. Moreover, Reflux Solo ‘s technical measure of performance is also first-rate. 

For we use only the finest components from the Danish loudspeaker industry and employ only the latest generation of Symmetric Drive loudspeaker units.


Reflux Solo is produced in the traditions of good Danish craftsmanship and with a simple, yet exclusive design. This together with the high quality of its loudspeaker units, crossover components and cabinet enclosures, is your guarantee of satisfaction and trouble-free listening pleasure for many years to come. 

The stand rests upon three adjustable spikes, which give the possibility of regulating the vertical inclination of Reflux Solo and thus fine trimming the perspective in the sound picture. The stand is manufactured in 100 per cent wood and is therefore non-magnetic which is why it does not influence on the components in the crossover filter and the speaker units. The stand pillar is prepared for filling with either sand or shot. A partial or entire filling of the pillar improves the stability of the stand and thus the sound quality.


Crossovers too, are made of only the best components and are hardwired. 

Reflux Solo is a two-way bass reflex system with a sensitivity of 88 dB for 1 watt in 8 Ohm. 

Reflux Solo threatens no overload problem for the majority of amplifiers. 

Reflux Solo speakers are 43 cm high and 15 cm wide, with a depth of 34 cm and weigh 15 kilograms. Each speaker has fine quality, single wired terminals. 

The robust cabinet enclosures are internally strengthened and completed in genuine veneer with an exclusive rosewood finish.


We regard our speakers more as music communicators than technical masterpieces and that is why we have chosen not to emphasise the technical aspect of our speakers on this homepage. Our technical constructions include very expensive and rather unique speaker units, which are more or less tailored to the specific needs.

The low loss 2nd order crossover filter technology we use is simple but yet sophisticated.

By appliance of advanced filter corrections and by use of state of the art filter components, of which several are developed by ourselves, we archive the best working conditions for the speaker units.

Our interest in genuine music reproduction is inextricably bound up with our love of music and our large-scale consumption of both live and, of course, reproduced music. 

Our speakers are capable of reproducing all kinds of music at both low and high levels and at the same time express, all details with all the transparency which the producer has managed to include in the recording process. 

Our speakers reproduce classical, jazz and rock music with greatest accuracy.



Frequency response:  
Dimensions (W·H·D) cm: 
Recommanded amplifier power: 
Delivered with:
35-22.000 Hz 
88 dB (1W / 1m) 
8 Ohms 
25·43·34 cm (not including Solo Support Stand) 
15 kg each (without stand) 
Custom-made in e.g. Rosewood or Cherry 
Custom-made units from two Danish manufacturers including latest generation of symmetric drive 
20 - 200 Watt 
Installation manual